February 2019 Competition winners

Clockwise from top left corner: The Poet by Lisa Cook; Outpost by Tom Kredo; Many Bubbles! by Bonnie Gamache and The Trail by Loni Titus.

Previous months' winning photographs may be viewed on the Camera Rochester Meet Up site. Camera Rochester Members are encouraged to join and post their photographs on the Meet Up site. More information about the site can be found at the bottom of this page.

Who Can Compete and How To Enter Competition


Digital Competition Submission Naming Instructions

To learn how to name your files for submission, click this link:  "Digital Submission Guidelines

Continuing Conversations

Use the Camera Rochester MeetUp site to view and comment on competition images!

Members who submit images to our monthly competition are also welcome to upload those images to our Meetup site. Once on the Meetup site, all members are encouraged to view the images and use the site to provide constructive feedback on the work. 

We hope this will be an opportunity for members to re-visit images they enjoyed at the competitions, to ask questions about techniques used to capture or process the image, and to provide a forum to talk more about photography.

If members wish to upload competition images, view images included in the competition, or comment on an image seen during the competition, please visit the Camera Rochester MeetUp Site at www.meetup.com/Camera-Rochester/

Please Note: Only Camera Rochester Members are able to participate in the Meetup Conversation.

To join Camera Rochester, visit the Membership page.

Monthly Competition Winners

‚ÄčMembers in good standing are welcome to enter images in the monthly competitions. Categories for competitions are:

  • Prints
  • Uniquely Creative
  • Digital Submissions 

Occasionally there will be an "assigned competition" which will request submissions reflecting a specific theme or topic.

Please refer to the rules for competitions for more specific submission information.