What is NFRCC?

Established in 1957, the Niagara Frontier Regional Camera Clubs (NFRCC) are  made up of 14 individual camera and photography clubs in Western NY and Ontario Canada
Canadian Clubs:  Niagara Falls, Hamilton, St. Catharines, Welland
US Clubs:  Am-Center, Batavia, Camera Rochester,  Erie, Genesee, Science Museum, Southtowns, Twin Cities, Twin Tier

NFRCC Competitions

The McKellar Competitions are held four times each year. This open competition of six images per member club is judged anonymously by an panel of three judges.  The top 25% of images in each competition receive and Honorable Mention awards. The scores from each competition are combined for a total score. At the annual conference, the club with the  the highest total score is awarded the McKellar Trophy. 

Golden Horseshoe
The Golden Horseshoe Trophy is awarded to the club with the highest combined score of 20 digital images projected and judged at the Annual NFRCC spring convention. The top 25% of images in this competition are awarded Honorable Mention awards.   Camera Rochester needs to submit 20 images from 20 different members in advance. There is no time limit as to when the photo was taken, but a photo can only be entered once in this competition.
George S. Butt (March Expo)
Only NFRCC members, who participate in the Photo Expo, may assign their Salon print entries for inclusion in their Club’s entry. A member of more than one Club need not assign all entries to the same Club. The ten (10) highest scoring prints by AT LEAST five (5) different makers will be the official Club entry. The highest scoring monochrome and color entries will each be awarded a George S. Butt Trophy. 
Photo Expo Salons (March Expo)
Prints - Monochrome -  1, 2, 3, HR (top 20%)  and People's Choice Award, and George S. Butt Award for Monochrome Prints
Prints - Color -  1,2,3, HR and People's Choice Award, and George S. Butt Award for Color Prints
Digital - Pictorial Division  - 1,2,3, HR
Digital - Nature Division - 1,2,3, HR
Digital - Wildlife Division - 1,2,3, HR

Can Am Photo Expo

April 26, 27, & 28 2019, Buffalo Grand Hotel

For information on NFRCC's Cam Am Photo Expo, visit the website: www.canamphotoexpo.com.

Camera Rochester is a member of Niagara Frontier Regional Camera Clubs (NFRCC). Read below for more information about NFRCC.

Camera Rochester is Proud to be a Member of NFRCC